Guide to Favorite Places to Go with Kids in Kenting, Taiwan

Kenting and southern Taiwan are a popular beach destination when traveling to Taiwan with kids. The aquamarine waters, tide pools, incredible sunsets, and sandy beaches make it fun for families with kids of all ages. This guide for favorite things to do with kids covers the area from Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Hengchun and Kenting with the best things to do in southern Taiwan. 

I love going to Kenting for a day trip from Kaohsiung or for a long weekend getaway. Since we live in Kaohsiung, it’s easy for us to visit Kenting National Park with kids and get to the ocean.

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If you’re traveling from Singapore to Kenting or Kuala Lumpur to Kaohsiung, it’s very easy to take a direct flight to Kaohsiung on AirAsia. It’s a scenic 2-hour drive from Kaohsiung to Taiwan’s beautiful beaches and blue waters.

In this guide, I will introduce you to:

  • Best family-friendly hotels in Kenting
  • Favorite places to go with kids in Kenting
  • Information about the Kenting Night Market
  • Planning a trip to Kenting
  • How to get from Kaohsiung to Kenting
  • Favorite Items to Pack for the Beach in Taiwan with Kids

Best family-friendly hotels in Kenting

Caesar Park Hotel

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Direct access to the beach, lounge chairs, and beach service in a protected bay, large outdoor pool and a kids pool. Updated rooms plus a Starbucks nearby. My favorite part of this hotel is the private access to the beach perfect for swimming, and kids play area in the hotel. Poolside service too! Compare rooms and check rates!

Ibiza Kenting Hotel

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Clean and well-located hotel in a moderate price range. Within walking distance to the night market. Some rooms have balconies and face the ocean. When we stayed here, the rooms were modern, basic and clean. Click here to make a reservation.

Howard Beach Resort

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Huge hotel with massive indoor and outdoor pools, playroom, game rooms, spa, international breakfast and more at a reasonable rate. Check rates here!

Just Hi Seaview B&B

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Modern rooms at a moderate price point offer beautiful interiors with wood and white linens. Ask for a corner room for maximum light and ocean views. Check the prices and rates by clicking here.

Chateau Beach Resort

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Sprawling hotel with many services and amenities, one of the only hotels on the beach. Play area, outdoor showers, and a great breakfast. This hotel has a game room, ice cream parlor and other perks our kids love! Check your dates and latest rates here.

Yoho Beach Resort

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Nice location, outdoor pool, family-friendly perks at a fair price. Click here for the latest prices.


If you are visiting Baisha White Beach and are looking for a hotel within walking distance to the beach, the best option nearby is the moderate White Beach Hotel which has air-conditioning and an outdoor pool.

Favorite Places to Go with Kids in Kenting, Taiwan

From fish markets to an amazing aquarium, waterfalls, beaches, and incredible hiking, this area of Taiwan has the total package to offer families traveling to Taiwan with kids, tweens, and teens. Be aware of tides, rip currents and changing conditions as the waters can be treacherous at different times of the year.

  1. Dong Gang Fish Market (Hua Qiao) and Ferry Pier to Liouchiou Island
  2. National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium
  3. Kayoufeng Waterfalls
  4. Kenting Hai World Semi-Submarine
  5. Baisha White Sand Bay
  6. Surfing and bodyboarding at Jialeshui, surfboards rent for 300 – 500 NT per day, and life vests are available also
  7. Tidepools and shallow swimming
  8. Sisal Industry Historial Museum
  9. Lungluan Lake, trails and birdwatching center
  10. Little Bay Beach
  11. Kenting National Forest Recreation Park
  12. Southernmost Point of Taiwan Observation Station

Book a tour of southern Taiwan and Kenting

  • 2 days in Kenting and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, departing from Taipei
    Visit famous tourist attractions such as Maopitou, Eluanbi Lighthouse, Kenting National Park, Former British Consulate, Sizih Bay and Spring & Autumn Pavilions. Click here to check rates and make a reservation!
  • 3 Days, 2 Nights Beach Escape, departing from Kaohsiung
    Stay at my favorite, Chateau Beach Resort, and explore nearby Kenting National Park, night markets, and beaches. Click here to make a booking!

Best Places to Eat in Kenting

  1. Ali Seafood
  2. Bossa Nova Restaurant
  3. Smokey Joe’s
  4. Ocean Blue Restaurant
  5. Amy’s Cucina
  6. KO Pizza
  7. Sirocco Cafe Brunch
  8. Rock Garden Pizza Restaurant
  9. Kenting Night Market

Information about the Kenting Night Market

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Kenting Night Market in southern Taiwan has plenty of excitement for everyone.

The Kenting Night Market is the main attraction in this otherwise small coastal town. Starting around 5 – 6 pm as the sun begins to set, street food vendors and carnival games start setting up along the main road. It’s often packed with visitors and is very lively and bright with lights, bars, restaurants, and cafes.

If you are walking with young kids, hold their hands because cars and large tour buses drive by quickly.

Taiwan night market delicacies and treats include sweet potatoes, corn dogs, snails, fresh cut fruit, cuttlefish, grilled sausages, and Taiwan’s famous ‘stinky tofu’! For less adventurous kids, there are plenty of options like baked potatoes, fried chicken, ice cream and the ubiquitous Taiwan favorite, 7-11!

Our kids love to play the carnival games and win small prizes. There are also ice cream vendors and cocktail bars along the way!

Planning a trip to Kenting

Bring sunscreen, a hat and ideally a UV swim shirt or cover you can wear at all times because the UV can be intense during the summer months.

Windy weather and typhoons can hit this area of Taiwan particularly hard, so stay up to date with weather forecasts especially during typhoon season June – October. Many hotels will allow free re-booking or cancellation due to weather changes. I like booking with because they have a history of honoring cancelations authorized by the hotel for weather changes.

Bring swim caps for hotel pools as this is typically required in Taiwan (and sometimes you even see people wearing them in the ocean!).

Ocean swimming is typically restricted to marked areas during certain hours and sometimes a life jacket is mandatory according to hotel rules. Signs will be posted if there are dangerous conditions, sea snakes or jellyfish in the area depending on the season.

Bring sandals or reef shoes for kids to wear when walking across the sand or to and from the pool as the ground can get very hot on their sensitive feet.

Check the tide and sunset schedules for ideal tide-pooling and catching the perfect sunset moment as you relax in a beautiful part of Asia!

How to Get from Kaohsiung to Kenting

Read my detailed guide on how to go from Kaohsiung to Kenting here.

Most people going to Kenting depart Kaohsiung via bus, taxi or private car. The train does not go to Kenting. Taiwan’s High Speed Rail (HSR) travels as far south as Kaohsiung (Zuoying HSR station). From the HSR station, a car or taxi is necessary to access some of the recommended sites and allows you to easily fit more attractions in one day.

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Car rentals are available from the HSR station. Rental car counters are located next to Exit 3. You can also book with in advance.

Taxis can be hired privately for the 2-hour drive and usually can be negotiated for 500NT to 1000NT depending on the number of passengers and stops.

Kenting Express Bus is our favorite way to go directly Kenting with bus stops at several major points on the journey, including drop-off at Chateau Beach Resort and Caesar Park hotel areas. Kids and parents can relax and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about scooters or directions.

Details about traveling by bus and how to hire a private car are available on my transportation guide to Kenting here.

Favorite Items to Pack for the Beach in Taiwan with Kids

  1. Going to the beach means lots of gear for kids! Click here to find my personal favorite and the best tote bag for the beach.
  2. Kids will love their own binoculars for bird-watching and checking out the surfers! Click here for my favorite!
  3. Beach time with kids is great, but the sand – not so much! We always pack a sand-proof Dock & Bay microfiber beach towel!
  4. Adventure happens when kids find their own time to read in a fort, on the deck, or in a swing. Click here to see our favorite travel flashlight.
  5. I have made the mistake of not bringing shoes to the beach. Order these kids slip-on reef shoes.
  6. Lonely Planet Taiwan (also on Kindle).

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