Where to Stay and What to Do with Kids in Taichung, Taiwan

This guide recommends the major attractions and highlights for Where to Stay and What to Do with Kids in Taichung, Taiwan. Find out my recommendations for unique places to stay (hello – cool slide in the lobby!) and where to try Taiwanese food.

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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

A family vacation in Taiwan is the perfect way to experience Asia’s magic! Taichung is definitely worth a stop on your Taiwan itinerary. Family-friendly parks, night markets, bubble tea vendors and a place called Rainbow Village in Taichung will have kids and teens in awe. Taichung makes the perfect day trip or weekend getaway from Taipei or Kaohsiung. We have traveled to Taichung several times with the kids because there is just so much to do. Getting there on the HSR makes transportation family-friendly and easy.

Read my advice on where to stay in Taichung including family-friendly AirBnb vacation rentals and the best hotels in Taichung for families.

Taichung is the best place to stay before going to Sun Moon Lake. Read my guide for the Perfect Weekend in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan with kids here. 

Where to Stay in Taichung with Kids – Family-Friendly Hotels

Red Dot Hotel

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This boutique hotel in Taichung has a “Cowabunga” metal slide in the lobby that will wow kids and adults from the start, open 11 am – 12 pm and 3 – 6 pm. This fun perk is the perfect way to occupy kids during check-in and check-out. It is hip, chic and centrally-located. This cool hotel is offered at a moderate price for a friendly-family hotel in Taichung. The connected SaoBao Bar is chill yet cool, and has unique cocktails. Parents can easily enjoy adult time. This hotel is my top pick for families wanting something a little different in a great location! Check your dates and any seasonal promotions by clicking here!

Divecube Hotel

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Divecube hotel has the 2nd deepest pool in Asia at 21m! It is popular for people practicing and training for SCUBA and free-diving. They offer free-diving lessons for kids ages 10+, PADI “Bubblemakers” classes and also mermaid classes for kids. PADI Junior open water certification can also be arranged. Swimming is open 7 – 9 am each morning. Our daughter LOVED her 90-minute free-diving lesson that came with a certificate at the end that had her beaming with pride. Rooms for 4 are bunkbed style which had our kids making forts and giggling. It felt like we were all at camp. Breakfast is included, friendly staff, and wifi is free. Find the best rates with Agoda by clicking here!

CityInn Plus Hotel Taichung

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Unique touches on each floor designed differently. Located near the Taichung train main station (not the HSR!) so very convenient if traveling by train. Similar branches of this hotel in Taipei are also reputable. Self-care laundry machines make it easy for families to pack lightly. Moderately priced option for a family-friendly hotel in Taichung. Check prices and availability by clicking here.

The Carlton

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Very chic and luxurious lobby with nicely appointed rooms and a pool! Check for deals and prices here.

Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park

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Located next to green space at Taichung, this world hotel chain offers moderately priced rooms in a modern building with amenities you would expect. Park view rooms offer a great view of the city. Book your room by clicking here.

Hotel 7 Taichung

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Hotel 7 Taichung is a family-friendly hotel in Taichung that is very popular. It’s super fashion-forward, hip and in a great location opposite a huge shopping mall. Hotel 7 is located near several great eateries and my favorite craft brewery, Zhangmen. Plus a pool! I really like this hotel. Check rates here.

Millenium Hotel Taichung

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A luxury hotel that is family-friendly in Taichung. Kids will like the spacious rooms, restaurants, and pool. Find your perfect room or adjoining rooms by clicking here.

Tempus Hotel Taichung

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Modern, large hotel with spacious rooms and a pool for kids. Includes breakfast and wifi. To check the latest prices, click here.

If you are going to Taipei next, this guide on Where to Stay in Taipei will help you choose the right neighborhood. You can also read my guide on Hotels in Tapei from Budget to Luxury for Families.

Family-Friendly AirBnb in Taichung, Taiwan

I am a huge fan of AirBnB when we travel as a family. There are a few great vacation rentals in Taichung for a small or large family traveling in Taiwan. Don’t you just love how so many Taiwan hotels and AirBnBs feature stuffed animals and cute touches?

Choice 1 – Great for families with small kids

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Choice 2 – Perfect for large families, right near the night market

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Things to Do with Kids in Taichung

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Painted Alley in Taichung
  1. Visit Rainbow Village, a small area of town painted colorfully by a military veteran
  2. Participate in a tea ceremony at Wu Wei Tsao Tang Tea House
  3. Play and run at Taichung Metropolitan Park
  4. Smile and take pictures with the Laughing Buddha at Paochueh Temple
  5. Explore the many modern exhibits at the National Museum of Natural Science
  6. Taichung Park and Playground
  7. Stroll the gardens and plants at the Botanical Garden and Arboretum
  8. Picnic and enjoy the beautiful grounds of Tunghai University campus
  9. Admire hand-painted murals and selfie-opportunities at the Painted Animation Lane
  10. Take a PADI Bubblemakers class or free-diving class (kids ages 10+) at Divecube Hotel
  11. Jump, roll and sneak at the trampoline park Ninja Factory
  12. Pedal and bike with an iBike City Tour and a guide
  13. Calligraphy Greenway open space, near Art Museum and cafes
  14. Experience sunset at the ocean and nearby Gaomei Wetlands

What to Do in Taichung (Parents only!)

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SaoBao Bar in Taichung
  1. WellDoshe Spa, luxury treatments and relaxation in a beautiful spa
  2. Zhangmen Craft Brewery, craft brews and friendly staff at this relaxing pub
  3. SaoBao Bar & Kitchen, hip, quiet and modern (attached to the Red Dot Hotel)

Where to Eat and Drink with Kids in Taichung

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For Farm Burger
  1. Wu Wei Tsao Tang Tea House
  2. Caffaina Cafe & Gallery
  3. Hui Sun Coffee Shop
  4. Din Tai Fung
  5. Bella Roma Italian
  6. TGIFriday’s
  7. For Farm Burger
  8. Bowl Fast Slow Food Health Food
  9. Pizza Rock
  10. Chun Shui Tang Dim Sum and Bubble Tea
  11. Miyahara Ice Cream
  12. Carrefour Supermarket

How to get to Taichung, HSR in Taiwan and Transportation Tips

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Taxis are cheap, metered, safe, clean and reliable. You can easily flag a taxi or ask a clerk or hotel reception to call a taxi for you. Take a business address card from your hotel or AirBnB so you can communicate with the driver where to go. Locals also use the Uber app which is popular and fast.

Wondering how to get from Taipei to Taichung? The Taiwan high-speed rail (HSR) connects Taipei to Taichung several times per hour and is a 47-minute train ride. How great is that for convenient train travel with kids? From Kaohsiung to Taichung by train is 42 minutes non-stop at least once per hour.

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Ticket kiosks for HSR

High-speed rail (HSR) connects Taichung to all the major cities in Taiwan including Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taipei. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at 7-11 I-bon machines, or you can use ticket kiosks machines or a traditional ticket counter at the HSR stations to buy your ticket on arrival. Trains leave on average 2-3 times per hour.


If you are traveling from Taipei to Taichung and want to see other cities like Kaohsiung and Tainan, I recommend buying a 3-day Taiwan High-Speed Rail pass for unlimited travel. It’s a great deal and maximizes your time on the island.

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Easy Card or iPass make riding public transportation convenient – buy at any 7-11 store

An EasyCard (also an App you can download) is very useful and fun for kids to use and beep getting on and off trains, metro and buses throughout Taiwan. It can also be used at the popular Maokong Gondola in Taipei!

EasyCards are purchased at all convenience stores like 7-11, Kaohsiung Airport, and Family Mart for 100 NT deposit plus a minimum of 100 NT to use for transportation. This deposit money is refunded when you return your card to any place that sells them. You can easily buy one of this at any airport or HSR convenience store as you arrive.

Kids riding the Taiwan HSR who are under 12 are eligible for 50% discount on fares.

Periodic tickets for travel within 30 days specified are up to 52% off. This is a great option if you plan to tour Taiwan on the HSR between multiple cities.

For families on a budget, you will love that public buses in Taichung are free for rides 10km or less. This is most of the places you will want to go in Taichung! Use the Travel Planner in English to check routes.

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Market Not to Be Missed

Fengia Night Market
No. 19, Wenhua Road, Xitun District, 407
Map Pin

Favorite items to pack with Kids in Taiwan

  1. Games for the high-speed train are fun for the whole family. This is one of our favorite travel games. Click here!
  2. Click here to order a kids full-face snorkel mask or kids snorkel set with fins to practice free-diving at the Divecube Hotel.
  3. We always bring travel games. Click to order Tangrams and Wiki-stix for the HSR train.
  4. Gift your kids and partner a clip-on reading light (for sharing hotel room space, trains at night, international flights)
  5.  Practice Chinese with these fun Chinese for kids, easy flash cards, DVD, audio. Click here to order.
  6. Click here to get this kids 2-piece travel luggage and carry on perfect for train and airplane travel with kids. They come in lots of colors!

Read my guide to Kaohsiung with Kids and what to do in Kenting, Taiwan. Tainan is easily a top attraction for families in Taiwan. The best hotels in Taipei for families guide can help you book the right place to stay. So much fun for families in affordable, safe and beautiful Taiwan.

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